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Training issues

Mar 10 issue
Four years ago, Lord Leitch was tasked with assessing the nation’s skills to see how well placed we were to compete in the global economy. His findings made for grim reading.
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Object of desire

Apr 10 issue
The Gyration Air Mouse Elite 
Business Tools

Getting engaged

Mar 10 issue
Are you maximising the potential of your staff?

Where next for AIM?

Mar 10 issue
Although the Alternative Investment Market has shown itself to be a great springboard for hugely successful companies over the years, concerns are mounting that the exchange has lost its way by deserting growth companies and disappointing investors.

Giving it

Dec 09/Jan 10 issue
When growing businesses give to charity, it’s often a more personal affair than the social responsibility activities of large corporates. Here, owner-managers reveal how they selected the causes they support and what they do for them.

First impressions

Mar 10 issue
In a book by Malcom Gladwell called Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, the author explains how important first impressions are in both personal and business situations, says Michael Jackson.