Where next for AIM?

Mar 10 issue
Although the Alternative Investment Market has shown itself to be a great springboard for hugely successful companies over the years, concerns are mounting that the exchange has lost its way by deserting growth companies and disappointing investors.

Takeovers on AIM

Mar 09 issue
Crisis in the credit markets, risk aversion among investors, and a tough trading environment add up to challenging times for AIM-quoted companies and their advisers. Robert Tyerman looks behind the numbers

Risk & reward

Feb 09 issue
PLUS-quoted continues to attract entrepreneurial ventures seeking additional finance and a higher profile. Robert Tyerman examines whether the exchange delivers

Prepare a listing for better times

Oct 08 issue
With the public markets in meltdown, now isn’t quite the time to try for an IPO. Nevertheless, there is market activity and CEOs are preparing their businesses for a listing when better times return. Robert Tyerman reports

Taking up arms

Jul/Aug 08 issue
Shareholder activism is on the march, provoked by bad corporate stewardship, the inevitable disappointments of business in a downturn, changes in the law and a new breed of opportunistic investor. Robert Tyerman investigates

Delisting: the great escape?

Jun 08 issue
When you’re not getting the love you need from the markets, there comes a time when you have to look elsewhere. Marc Barber reports on the increasing number of companies opting to delist.

Making the most of the markets

May 08 issue
AIM is a well-established source of capital and forum for deals, while the PLUS Quoted market is striving to carve a niche at the junior end of the corporate spectrum. The winners of the 2008 Growth Company Awards tell Robert Tyerman how they are seizing the opportunities that these exchanges provide

Secrets of success

Mar 08 issue
There’s no better way to learn how to be successful than hearing from those at the top of their game. Robert Tyerman speaks to some of the winners of the fourth annual Quoted Company Awards, organised by Business XL’s sister magazine Growth Company Investor

PLUS: an exchange on the rise?

Feb 08 issue
If you’re running a young company and seeking a modest cash injection, PLUS Markets may well be worth a look. Robert Tyerman reports

Size and the City

Dec 07/Jan 08 issue
The Alternative Investment Market has its attractions, but the short-term approach of investors may be the exact opposite of what you require to achieve long-term growth. Marc Barber reports

Reaching the promised land

Oct 07 issue
Since the Alternative Investment Market was established in 1995, it’s become the public listing of choice for ambitious entrepreneurs intent on fast growth. Robert Tyerman tells you what you need to know

The high-risk way to go public

Jul/Aug 07 issue
If you’re determined to conduct an IPO but know that your business lacks the financial clout to make it happen, it may be worth considering pre-float finance. Robert Tyerman reports

Should I float on AIM?

May 07 issue
If you’re committed to faster growth, you should seriously consider a float on AIM. Robert Tyerman speaks to leading advisers who can show you the way – and raise significant sums for you in the process.

On the PLUS side

Oct 06 issue
A change of name and an overhaul of its structure are just some of the reasons why PLUS, the UK’s most junior stock exchange, is attracting more growing companies than ever before...


How to float on AIM

Jul/Aug 06 issue
London’s junior market has developed a strong reputation for attracting growth companies looking to float on a lightly regulated market. Robert Tyerman explains the basics of going public and picking the advisory team to help you reach new heights...

How to take the cash shell route

Jul/Aug 06 issue
One way of floating on AIM is to find a ‘shell’. This is a company already quoted on the market that either has no continuing business or assets, apart from some remaining cash, or has been specially created as a quoted vehicle to pursue investment opportunities...