Giving it

Dec 09/Jan 10 issue
When growing businesses give to charity, it’s often a more personal affair than the social responsibility activities of large corporates. Here, owner-managers reveal how they selected the causes they support and what they do for them.

Family fortunes

Dec 08/Jan 09 issue
Family businesses have suffered from a stereotype of crusty conservatism, where the benefit of strong traditional values is seen as being outweighed by an unwillingness to take risks or change until it is too late.

Going off-piste

Nov 09 issue
Andrew Foyle was one of the few entrepreneurs to make a fortune before the dotcom bubble burst. Now he’s building a new business, as well as a chalet in the Alps. Nick Britton reports

Musical chair

Oct 09 issue
Danny Chapchal likes nothing more than lending his experience to the founders of young or troubled businesses – nothing, that is, except losing himself in his collection of 17,500 CDs. Nick Britton meets him

Speed junkie: Vee Ganjavian

Jul/Aug 09 issue
Vee Ganjavian has floated four companies and raced in the World Championship Powerboat P1 series. Kathleen Hall meets a man who has launching in his blood 

Charlie Mullins goes with the flow

May 09 issue
From the age of nine, plucky plumber Charlie Mullins dreamed of picking up a plunger. The 52-year-old saw his company Pimlico Plumbers recently turn over £13.2 million and his clients include Jonathan Ross and Daniel Craig. Kathleen Hall reports

High Flier: Ian Hunt

Apr 09 issue
Ian Hunt’s career took off when he joined networking specialist Fibre Technologies, but he’s reached even greater heights in his microlight aircraft. Nick Britton reports

Pole Position

Mar 09 issue
Former British bodybuilding champion, racing car enthusiast, and friend to the rich and famous, Andrew Jenkinson founded recruitment company Charterhouse in 1995. Here he talks to Kathleen Hall about his drive to succeed 

Wake up to reality 

Mar 09 issue
If you think your business is still valued at last year’s prices, then think again. Marc Barber looks at what companies are really worth in today’s market.

Sam Malin's millions

Dec 08/Jan 09 issue
After discovering oil in Madagascar, Sam Malin started his company, Madagascar Oil, from scratch. It’s now worth over $1 billion. Kathleen Hall finds out how he enjoys his wealth

Good Chemistry

Nov 08 issue
Kavita Oberoi heads up IT and business healthcare advisory firm Oberoi Consulting. She talks to Kathleen Hall about why she gave away nearly £50,000 on television

 If I had £500,000...

Oct 08 issue
Successful entrepreneurs have that magical touch when it comes to investing their money in both business and pleasure. We asked five owner-managers how they would choose to spend a £500,000 windfall

A racing heart

Jul/Aug 08 issue
A former professional motorbike racer in the US, Robin Holiday now combines his entrepreneurial acumen with a commitment to the community. James Crux reports

Jonathan Straight: specs appeal

Jun 08 issue
Ex-pub pianist Jonathan Straight gives new meaning to the term visionary. James Crux finds out why he likes to make a spectacle of himself

Powerboat promotion

May 08 issue
Adventurous Devon-based entrepreneur Richard George is as passionate about powerboating as he is about helping other entrepreneurs launch businesses online. By racing a boat promoting his very own Scream-it.com venture, he is able to combine the two, writes James Crux

Lending a voice: Jon Smith

Apr 08 issue
Jon Smith shatters the stereotype of the money-grabbing sports agent, having long spent his own money and a substantial amount of his time on two particularly worthy causes. James Crux reports

The seven deadly sins of exits

Apr 08 issue
Greed, pride, and an array of other human weaknesses can get in the way of a good exit. Nick Britton speaks to entrepreneurs about their triumphs and regrets in selling their businesses.

The fastest car on the road

Dec 07/Jan 08 issue
Most business leaders need a break from the stresses of running a company. But Eric McClenaghan’s hobby is hardly less stressful than his job, as he tells Nick Britton

Deals made in heaven

Nov 07 issue
It’s going to be a buyer’s market over the coming 18 months, so if you’re looking to sell you have to be at the top of your game to negotiate the best price. Marc Barber reports

How to sell your business

Jun 07 issue
Executing a slick full exit takes preparation, thick skin and bags of raw cunning. Nick Britton finds out how to avoid the pitfalls and get the best price.

The inheritance tax maze

May 07 issue
Passing on business assets or shares to your children requires careful planning and consideration. Marc Barber finds out how to ensure a smooth succession.

Choosing the right exit route

Sep 06 issue
You’ve slaved away, built a successful enterprise and now the time has come to sell up – so is it better to pass the business on to your management team or sell to a trade buyer? Sally Giles investigates the pros and cons of these two exit options...

Learning to let go

Dec 06/Jan 07 issue
When business is booming, the last thing you want to consider is who’ll take over when you sell up. Yet, succession planning is vital if you’re to realise the value of the business you’ve built. We ask four entrepreneurs who’ve successfully sold up to share their secrets...

Wheels of fortune

Jul/Aug 06 issue
You’ve worked your fingers to the bone to build up your business, so why not give yourself a well-earned treat – a convertible Aston Martin DB9 Volante, for example! Adam Wayland asks six successful entrepreneurs about the car they drive and whether they think it’s an important status symbol...