Editor's View

Training issues

Mar 10 issue
Four years ago, Lord Leitch was tasked with assessing the nation’s skills to see how well placed we were to compete in the global economy. His findings made for grim reading.

After the gold rush

Ambition abounds in this year’s Power Top 50, our round up of the most influential entrepreneurs and investors in the growth company space during a testing 2009.

Fostering enterprise

Dec 09/Jan 10 issue
The myth of the entrepreneur is of a maverick. A rule breaker who probably left school early, couldn’t stand being told what to do, but felt a burning passion inside to prove themselves to the world.

Economic reality

Nov 09 issue
Entrepreneurs are natural optimists. They have to be, as it is common knowledge that nearly half of all businesses fail within the first three years.

Keeping up morale

Jul/Aug 09 issue
Is attitude more important than ability? While the answer is definitely ‘no’ for a surgeon or auditor, it’s certainly applicable in other professions

Creative destruction

Jun 09 issue
‘Every act of creation is an act of destruction,’ mused Pablo Picasso. Another way of putting of it would be: ‘You can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs.’

Decisions in Whitehall

May 09 issue
The media hysteria over “swine flu” – what happened to bird flu and the millennium bug? – provides a distraction from a nasty first quarter for businesses.

Growing the green economy

Apr 09 issue
Beating your head against a brick wall hurts. If you don’t believe me, ask the entrepreneurs operating in the cleantech and renewable sectors

Cash on the table

Mar 09 issue
You can tell times are hard when City financiers are going to pawnbrokers to put their Ferraris and Picasso sketches in hock

Fat cats and failures

Nov 08 issue
Say what you will about a global economic meltdown, at least losing money and the fear of failure make people more likely to face up to the facts

Winners and losers

Oct 08 issue
Football fans are a naturally optimistic bunch. A club may sink down the table and lose week after week, but there is always the hope of turning it around in “the next game”.

A new world order

Sep 08 issue
Given the collapse of the banking system, hysteria in the public markets and unemployment reaching record levels, our yearly Rising Stars article, where we identify the top 50 fastest-growing UK companies, may seem like the equivalent of turning up to a funeral in a gold lamé suit.

Rethink required on EIS and VCTs

Jul/Aug 08 issue
Mention the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) to an entrepreneur and they are likely to walk in the opposite direction.

Get in shape for the slowdown

Jun 08 issue
I’m not anti-fat people. Let’s get that clear from the off. However, when I listen to large folk talking about ‘new diets’, ‘going to the gym’ and ‘personal trainers’, that starts to get under my skin. If you don’t like being overweight, eat healthily and do some exercise. It’s not difficult.

Where liars and fantasists rule

May 08 issue
The first lie you’re told as a child is that honesty is the best policy. If you really want to get ahead in this world, you need to be skilled at knowing when to say somebody is right when you think the exact opposite, or to say, ‘We’re reviewing our budget’ rather than give an outright ‘no’ to a company pitching for business.

What makes a great business?

Apr 08 issue
A common theme linking successful companies is often the simplicity and directness of the business proposition. Indeed, the world of business is probably the harshest environment for punishing those who become too clever for their own good.

Angels must raise their game

Mar 08 issue
There’s a scene in the Martin Scorsese movie Goodfellas where Tommy (played by Joe Pesci) thinks he’s going to be “made” and become a fully fledged member of the mafia. Instead, he’s ushered into an empty room and unceremoniously “whacked”

The onward march of innovation

Feb 08 issue
Nokia used to make rubber boots. Admittedly, that was a century ago and, back then, a rubber works in Finland was probably as cutting edge as anything used to produce the latest phone.

Why acquisitions fail

Dec 07/Jan 08 issue
‘Nobody knows anything,’ said William Goldman, the screenwriter behind classic movies such as All the President’s Men and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

The price of success - and failure

Nov 07 issue
The fat cat debate never fails to raise eyebrows. For the past decade at least, you could guarantee an annual eruption of shock as the bonuses of investment bankers in the City hit the headlines.

Dealing with delinquency

Oct 07 issue
Offices are breeding grounds of malcontent. No matter how inventively you encourage employees, send them on training courses, nurture their self belief, or ply them with bribes – a trip to the races, a bowling alley, karaoke – there’ll always be a tiny, po-faced coterie, happy to criticise the company.

Companies to watch

Sep 07 issue
This year’s 50 Rising Stars have combined sales of just over £645 million and profits of nearly £100 million. It’s a broad selection too, in which companies making a packet from the booming care sector are shoulder to shoulder with retailers, publishers and debt specialists.

The lure of foreign shores

Jul/Aug 07 issue
Expanding overseas sounds exciting but it’s scarily easy to burn money on a venture that seemed like a no-brainer in the boardroom, where exuberance can get the better of reason.

Beating the Blockbuster effect

Jun 07 issue
Dying businesses are interesting to watch. Remember the video chain, Blockbuster? Those punchy ads on TV where a singer would cry, “Oh what a difference, Blockbuster video.”

Shades of green

May 07 issue
Green business is a fad. Take the weighty corporate social responsibility reports produced by corporations; more often than not they amount to nothing more than PR puff.

Failure is always a danger

Dec 06/Jan 07 issue
I’m in a good mood this festive season, which is why I’d like to remind you that the odds of your business sinking or running aground are scarily high...

What's luck got to do with it?

Nov 06 issue
‘What I wish I’d known when I started’. The essence of the article is entrepreneurs confessing to their mistakes and offering insights into what they have learned as a result.

Stages of growth

Oct 06 issue
Building a business is a unique journey because the operation you run evolves through so many different stages – until you stand back from the cash flows, contracts, and strategies, you often can’t recognise at what stage your venture is...

Overcoming fear of change

Sep 06 issue
One man’s exciting challenge can be another’s nightmare. All too often that’s exactly how change is viewed by an organisation...

Learn from the best

Jul/Aug 06 issue
Four of the UK’s leading practitioners of growth offer up thought-provoking ways in which business progression and expansion – both internal and external – are best served.

Time to practise what we preach

Jun 06 issue
In the next few months we’re going to find out whether two publishing companies, each of which spends a lot of time writing about how to make successful acquisitions, can actually put their theoretical knowledge into practice and make their own acquisition a success...