Business Bulletin

Object of desire

Mar 10 issue

Laptops: once deemed a revolutionary product, enabling executives to throw their computer in a bag, hop on the train and give a winning presentation. Now, thanks to the BlackBerry Presenter, they might soon be consigned to the scrapheap of technology history.

The Presenter is the latest offering in the fight against clunky equipment, and at 3.4 inches long and 2.4 inches wide (about the same size as the phone itself) it’s a particularly dinky effort, allowing you to fit an entire presentation in your pocket.

‘Designed for professionals who are on the go,’ just plug this gadget into a projector or monitor and present Microsoft PowerPoint files wirelessly from your BlackBerry.

The Presenter stores up to 100 slides of PowerPoint presentation, which it can display through any projector or TV that can connect to a VGA or S-Video source. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and is powered via USB. Perfect for all those road warrior execs eager to impress at impromptu meetings.

But with a price tag for the Presenter of £124, you may need to devise an especially compelling presentation to convince your financial director that it’s worth the expense.